What makes players trust your brand?

Operating your iGaming site, what makes players trust your brand?

Business is all about seizing new opportunities to enhance your share in the business industry.

This applies to everybody. But the thing is, we assume it’s always something bright and sunny and positive. Like new opportunities that are about to come to us.

But, you know, whether opportunities are good or bad—it actually depends on the situation and the one who receives the opportunity.

The same situation applies in the iGaming industry when you decide to launch a new iGaming website. Hence how will operating your new online casino be inline with gaining the trust of your players?

Imagine this:

You’re a player looking for a new iGaming website to play on.

And then you bumped into this really cool-looking, well-designed website: The games look very enticing, the dealers look hot, the bonuses sound too good to be true, etc.

You’re so taken by the iGaming website that you didn’t get to do the very simple thing of checking its license, credibility, or trustworthiness. You just dived into depositing your money and going on to play.

And then you can’t withdraw your winnings. And then you realize you’re a victim of a fake online casino.

Okay, that escalated quickly, but what I want to say is that this time of the year is also especially ripe for the villains of the iGaming industry. Since they’re villains, their version of New Year, New Opportunities pertain to “New Year, New Victims to Victimize”.

So, as an operator, especially as a new one, how do you exactly earn the trust of your players?

Warning: This article is for good operators ONLY. If you’re a villain, then don’t waste your time with this article.

  1. Check how existing players think about your iGaming website. Reviews and comments of players are what your prospective players are going to read and take note of before depositing to your website. If the majority of the comments are good, then you don’t have to worry so much about your brand’s reputation. But don’t ignore the bad comments—especially if they accuse you of being fake and scammy. Take necessary measures to save your reputation, since you’re a good iGaming Operator. There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself when you’re legit.
  2. Be clear about your iGaming website’s Terms and Conditions. Match every piece of statement in there with the way your iGaming website works.
  3. Be transparent about your iGaming website’s Payment Methods. You don’t have to be too detailed, you just have to put out there which payment channels you use, what currencies you accept for transactions, etc.
  4. Display your iGaming License. How much did you pay for that? That’s your Ultimate Security Pledge—and I capitalized each first letter for you to see how important this is for proving your legitimacy as an iGaming website. That’s the one thing that will make everyone shut up about the legitimacy of your iGaming website. Put it on your website and make it visible, like how our gorgeous ladies put on their diamond necklaces—let everyone see!
  5. Open your contact channels and be responsive. Your players will ask you questions. They will make comments, feedback, and suggestions. Lack of response will make them anxious and doubt your trustworthiness. I mean, just remember the last time someone ghosted you. Did you feel safe with them? I bet not. Then your players won’t feel secure with your iGaming website as well, if you’re not responsive and reachable enough.
  6. Only get your games provided by legitimate, reputable iGaming software providers. Getting pirated games will only bring trouble. Go for the software providers that have a reputable position in the industry, providing exciting games that will actually engage your players. If you consider our ALT team, then we’d love to let you check out our games.
  7. Only integrate reliable payment channels. If the payment channels are recognizable by the iGaming industry and the public, then it’s most likely legit. Do your due diligence in researching who to work with, and always think about the convenience and security of your players.


Following this guide will get your players to trust you. And word will get around about how trustworthy your iGaming website is. And then players will come to your website to play. And then more—as long as, of course, you got the best games on top of being reliable.

What Are The Risks And Benefits For Affiliates That Setup Their Own Online Casino

So how does an affiliate benefit by setting up his own online casino? or are there risks for him?

So, you’ve been working as an iGaming Affiliate for a while….

…and it’s been profitable because you’ve been applying what you’ve learned. And it’s been rewarding so far because you see how your Affiliate Marketing has made your iGaming Operator’s business grow.

So now you’ve come into thinking…

“What if I set-up my OWN iGaming business? What if I have my OWN brand?”

Good questions you got there!

Even better since you’re not a beginner anymore, but an experienced member of the iGaming industry—because in this article, we’re gonna dive right into your benefits and risks of setting up your own online casino.

First of all, as an affiliate, you must be fully aware of what your strengths are. These strengths are your advantages when setting up your very own online casino:

Experience. You have experience in approaching, convincing, and converting prospective players to your operator’s casino games and sports betting websites. Although it’s going to be a different level altogether when you become an operator—hey, at least it’s not entirely new to you, which makes it less intimidating and in turn, success looks more realistic from your viewpoint, right?

Knowing your player’s preferences. Which are the hottest games to put in your own online casino portfolio? Which games can your online casino do without? What type of dealers do your players like?

These are answerable questions for you as you’ve already gotten to see what players prefer. You can take this to your advantage by designing your own iGaming website in the most relevant, appropriate way. This way, all the features, all the edges and corners of your iGaming website would meet the expectations of your prospective players.

Deep knowledge of the iGaming industry. In order to be effective in your marketing and promotions, you have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the iGaming industry.

At which side of the Internet do players hang out? Where and at which point are they most likely to get interested and click on your ad? Where do they hate to see your ads? Where are they gonna see your ad first and foremost?

You have what it takes to make your iGaming operator’s brand stand out from all those noises from the Internet with effective marketing strategies that you’ve developed all throughout those times of being an iGaming Affiliate.

Pre-established relationships (or at least, familiarity) with operators and software providers. You’ve been in a mutually beneficial relationship with your operator. You’ve known the brands that provided the games to your iGaming operator. Probably even talked to them. You can benefit from your operator’s experience, sources and knowledge and take note of their mistakes, techniques, and strategies, so you can proceed with even more knowledge when you’ve finally set up your own iGaming website. Although your iGaming website creates competition depending on where your and your operator’s target markets are, support and encouragement will still be given.

So next we ask the question, since you already have all these advantages in hand. Then what are the benefits that you could reap from making this transition from an Affiliate to a Online Casino Boss.

This is actually a very simple fact which as any affiliate in the iGaming would dreams of becoming their own online casino Boss. So lets lay out the benefits for you :

  1. You are your own Boss and control the destiny and direction of your efforts
  2. You open a potential to earn bigger as there are no percentages or royalty payout which you need to wait for
  3. You are in control of your own finances, you decide how much to spend in order to potentially reach a certain income level
  4. You manage your own time and not work at the schedule of others
  5. You do not market other brands for their benefit but market your own brand for your own benefit
  6. You are no longer at the mercy of other brands and their activities as even if any brands shut down, it would not effect you anymore because you market your own brand

All endeavors, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced you are, come with risks. Here are the most common ones that iGaming operators, both new and experienced, face:

Heavy regulations and regulatory changes. Profitable as it can be, the iGaming business remains heavily dependent on external factors such as governmental regulation, depending on where you get your iGaming license and where you’ll operate your business. What your iGaming operator does right now is a good reference especially if you want to get the same type of license, but it’s not a good reference point anymore if you’re gonna get a different license somewhere else.

Go through the gaming and gambling laws and regulations of your target countries and regions and see how they will prospectively impact your iGaming operations. Abide by their laws. Remember that a single lapse has enough power to shut down your iGaming website—if you’re not careful.

Do keep a really close eye on these regulatory changes so that you won’t have to get your iGaming business in trouble. It helps to hire an iGaming legal consultant in order to keep track and know how to proceed.

The ins and outs of the iGaming industry in relation to technological advancements. Technology and how you use it to your advantage is also a very important factor however technology may also be the instrument that is used to take advantage of your online casino.

Its vital indeed that you constantly monitor player compliance, game processes as well as behavioral analytics to ensure your online casino doesn’t fall prey to some exploiting party.

Cash Flow. As this is the gaming world, you could win or you could lose. Thus it would be very important that you have enough finances to sustain your online casino business in order to ensure that you have smooth operations on your online casino at the same time building trust with players by ensuring timely payouts in the event a player wins.

These are just the surface of the risks and benefits of an Affiliate like you embarking on creating your own iGaming business. But don’t fret, if it’s smooth enough for newbies to succeed in this industry, something tells us that it’s much smoother for someone like you.

Talk to us at ALT and we might just get started right away.

How to play with cryptocurrencies at an online casino

How to play with cryptocurrencies at an online casino

Traditionally, if you wanted to play in a Casino, like classy ol’ James Bond, or those filthy rich VIPs who could afford to adopt us but didn’t, you gotta either

  • Have a significant amount of money on hand and drive over to the casino—this means going through all those traffic (and snow and coldness, depending on where you are in the world right now) or
  • Well, be filthy rich and have your driver take you to the casino where you wanna go. You may be super-rich, but there’s still traffic and all that winter jazz and hassle.

But hey, it’s 2020. And we got Option 3: Online Casinos.

Online Casinos are almost as good as the real deal, maybe even better especially when you’ve caught the winter colds but you still want to bet. I mean, what’s stopping you, right?

If, at this point, you’re still Team Traditional, then you may just be missing out on half of the whole gambling scene lately. Most of us are going digital and staying at the comfort of our homes. After all, traffic’s not getting any better, so you may just want to check this convenient, futuristic alternative out.

Cryptocurrency technology is rapidly penetrating into many areas in our lives—which, of course, doesn’t exclude the iGaming world. This technology, in the simplest words, allows players to bet and transact under a system that’s not only fast but also transparent, convenient and secure.

Simply put, Cryptocurrencies in iGaming has put the fun back to the game, or has made playing even more fun, since this time, finally, you can be super sure that you’re not getting cheated or questionable expenses whenever you transact.

But of course, before diving into playing with Cryptocurrencies, you gotta do some due diligence in order to know that you’re playing at a legit Cryptocurrency online casino. After all, in spite of everything, there are some red flag online casinos over there. Check the casino for safety, security, and reliability. Read the license part of the online casino as well as casino reviews about it on casino review sites. Questionably licensed and unregistered Cryptocurrencies online casinos will be your unbecoming, so be careful.

Basically, games that are offered with fiat money-based online casinos are also offered in Cryptocurrencies online casinos:

  • Live Dealer Table Games
  • Lotto
  • Keno
  • Sportsbetting
  • Slots
  • Many else you can think of

With a quick glance on a fiat money-based online casino and a Cryptocurrencies online casino, there’s hardly any difference. After all, it’s not hard for traditionally fiat money-based casinos to add cryptocurrency to their available transaction options.

But what other benefits are in here for you to ultimately play in a Cryptocurrency online casino, for good?

As mentioned, there’s an enhanced level of security. You’ll enjoy the privacy of having known your losses and winnings. I guess the saying “For your eyes only” doesn’t only work for certain content, but also on your gambling transactions—as long as you transact with Cryptocurrency.

It’s also faster. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Yes, fiat money-based digital transactions are fast now, but withdrawals can still get quite slow to reflect on your account. But in a Cryptocurrency Online Casino, clearances are immediate, if not almost. This lets you keep an even closer eye on your transactions.

You can place smaller bets. The traditional casinos impose minimum bets that don’t allow some people to have fun simply because they can’t play. Cryptocurrency Online Casinos makes it possible for players to have fun in the online casino world.

These are the benefits of playing in a Cryptocurrency casino. If you become a player in the Cryptocurrency Online Casino and adapted and gotten used to the latest technology, it’ll be far easier for you to go ahead and accept, take advantage, and benefit from the new technologies to come.

Happy New Year from Asia Live Tech

A new decade is finally dawning upon us and we at Asia Live Tech would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting us since our inception.

It has truly been a wonderful beginning for us introducing new solutions and games for the entertainment of our global clientele. Across 2018 and 2019 saw Asia Live Tech expand more into the international market as made the effort to create new horizons that would benefit from the offerings of Asia Live Tech.

That being said, most of you would have seen have our products have evolved over the years, primarily our flagship product of the Live Dealer online casino. It has undergone mass transformations with new games and features being added on to what it is today that has gained a lot of interest in the iGaming industry. However, that was not the last of the upgrades that have been planned, we sure have more coming your way in this new decade.

Features like the Baccarat Progressive Jackpot, multiple side bet options were all fan favorites which created a lot of diversity in our games. We are still working on some cool new games that will be coming soon but we are sure that it will give you the immense fun gaming experience for your players as this is our key objective.

Asia Live Tech which started out working with 3rd party content has grown within the decade to be a trusted iGaming software development company that has created different white label brands for our clientele across the world that are packed with our own games developed by our wonderful team at Asia Live Tech.

We look forward to working with every one of you in this new year and the years to come. Thus with this, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year to all and may 2020 be there start of a successful new decade.

How to Start your OWN Online Casino?

Want to know some key steps to starting your own Online Casino?

The new decade is almost here and as much as we just wanna celebrate and eat and drink and eat, there’s always this haunting feeling of what we’ve done this past decade, how far we’ve come, and what we need to do in this decade to come.

Whether you think it’s a decade well-spent or wasted, the fact is that we’re all saying goodbye to it in a few, and welcoming a new and fresh one. All opportunities are ripe and waiting for your hands to grab them.

One of them is making your iGaming site the best site there is to offer!

How to do it and get the ball of prosperity rolling throughout the new decade?

Read on to find out.

  1. Find and choose your reliable iGaming software provider/s.

In this age of constantly evolving visuals, you may just make or break it depending on the quality of your online casino software.

Make sure to secure your deal with a trusted, reputable software provider.

A good tip on how to choose is to find out their most popular offerings. Their most popular offerings have a high chance of having top-notch quality and enjoyed by many players. Otherwise your prospective competitors wouldn’t choose them.

For Asia Live Tech, for example, our Live Dealer Online Casino products is the most-loved product. So, if you’re looking for a Live Dealer Online Casino, ALT may just be one of your best bets.

Your chosen software provider should make your online casino support effortless integration.

  1. Choose the contents of your online casino portfolio

Okay. To be honest, you may put this first before choosing a provider, but you may also make your deal with a provider first because they can talk and make the deal with other providers for you if you want to do some third-party integrations.

In the simplest sense, third-party integrations are when you use products from other software providers who are different from your chosen software provider.

It is highly advised that you must not limit your games to what your chosen provider has to offer because if you have fewer games, then most likely you’ll just have fewer players. That’s not fun, and you may just end up having your first business fail of the decade.

We wouldn’t want that to happen to you so that’s why we’re advising you now to add as many gaming options as possible to your online casino in order to market your online casino better and have as many happy players as possible.

  1. Get a gaming license and abide by the country’s regulations


Have you decided on where you’ll be operating your online casino?

If yes, then good! Proceed to the next step of knowing all the nooks and crannies of the location’s gambling laws, and how your license could give you the flexibility that you need to find out how these regulations will impact your online casino operations.

Depending on where you’re gonna get your license, your online casino might restrict access to players from regions outside of what your license has provided authority for you to market.

You must be especially attentive to every detail of this step in order for your online casino to certainly maintain longevity—we’re all in this long-term, right?

  1. Secure verified methods of payment

Your players need to put money in to bet and then cash out their sweet winnings….do you need to make these transactions as smooth as possible?

Of freakin’ course you should.

Even if you only have one country to target in your online casino (although this is not totally advisable), your online casino should make global payments and transactions available.

You must confirm with your software provider how smooth these transactions will be and how diversified are the currencies being used.

Just a friendly reminder that your payment gateways shouldn’t be limited to supporting fiat money, but also cryptocurrency. As the First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider in Asia, we from ALT highly recommend it.

  1. Set-up your online casino website

Looks are not everything, but they count so much.

Are your online dealers attractive enough?

Any lags on the videos?

Are your texts readable enough?

Are your images in high res?

Flash or HTML5? (Read our take on this question here).

Those are just some of the questions that you need to answer in order to make it possible to materialize your very own online casino.

Make your website well-designed. You need to attract your players and retain them because they like how your online casino makes them feel.

Do be careful about using graphical elements that might overload the work of the system—use these heavy stuff too much and your online casino might just lag on someone’s phone.

Talk closely with your iGaming software provider so that both of you can arrive at the desired, attractive, sexy website design.

  1. Market it!

Develop an effective, engaging, marketing strategy and set up an attractive affiliate system that surely enables website engagement and increases traffic.

Talk to your iGaming software provider about their affiliate management programs in order to get more informed and decide on how to set up your affiliate system effectively.

Set up loyalty programs and bonus systems. Explore your competitors, identify their mistakes, and avoid them as much as possible. Make your campaigns better than your competitors’.

This whole 6-step process is a little tricky especially if you’re new to the iGaming industry. But the thing is, everyone here has started somewhere.

In order for you to make it in the iGaming industry, you need the team who will guide you in order to make this whole process smooth, effective, and enable you to prosper.

Talk to us here in ALT and let’s start your new decade with a bang!

Can I integrate multiple game providers on my online casino?

Multiple Game Providers, that is the demand of the players at online casinos these days. However can one online casino support multiple game providers? Is it a very complicated process?

Well the answer is pretty simple but lets take a very realistic path in understanding this question. 

Have you ever watched a makeup video on YouTube?

Have you noticed?

They’re not using makeup entirely from the same brand.

Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencils/powders/pomades, eyeshadow palette, highlight and contour palette, blush, eyeliner, lippies, makeup spray—there’s so much makeup, what are the odds that they’re all from the same brand?

Unless that Beauty YouTuber is an avid fan, or making a sponsored video (where she or he is required, by contract, to use only the sponsor’s brand for the whole video), or someone who actually owns the makeup brand they’re using, chances are, they’re using different brands for different types of makeup.

Heck, even their makeup sponges or beauty blenders, and even their makeup brushes are different.

This stock photo is a fine example of someone’s makeup kit that uses many different brands.

Why is it this way?


Because the specific makeup that works best for someone’s face is available somewhere else.

For example, if your favorite makeup store only offers foundation in the medium brown tone as their darkest tone, when your actual skin color is darker than that…would you buy it?

Of course not! (Unless you’re buying for someone else who fits the color.)

So you look at another makeup brand, and then choose from there.

When it comes to makeup, we can only afford to look our best, so we only use the ones that work best for us, regardless of the brand.

This also goes to show with iGaming products. For example, Both Brand A and Brand B are offering Slot Games and Live Dealer Casino. But you think your players would enjoy Brand A’s Slot Games better than Brand B’s. And then you also think Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino is better than Brand A’s.

So naturally, if you had it your way, you would take Brand A’s Slot Games and Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino.

This type of approach is very reasonable. After all, you’re keeping in close consideration what your players want.

game providers

But the question is:

Can you integrate multiple game providers on your online casino?

Is it possible to have it your way?

The good news is………YES!

It’s actually getting pretty common. Players nowadays are more interested and attracted to online casinos that have large and diverse gaming portfolios.


Because they can just jump from one game to another without having to visit another online casino.

That’s why there’s a bigger appeal toward online casinos powered by multiple game providers.

There is the initial challenge, though, of functioning. Gaming products that come from different game providers are created and developed differently, after all.

The good news is that there’s a way to make everything work.

We got API, short for Application Programming Interface, which works behind the scenes of our online casinos, making everything work harmoniously, regardless of having multiple games from multiple game providers.

So, going back to the example above, you can take Brand A’s Slot Games and Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino to your online casino, thanks to API.

Why integrate?

If your online casino lacks games, after all, then there’s the risk of having your players eventually lose interest on your games and jump to another online casino.

And that online casino that they replaced you for, has most likely integrated products in order to make their gaming portfolio more fun and interesting.

Our very own Asia Live Tech can help you out with enhancing your online casino’s gaming portfolio by integrating multiple products and features, all for the sake of making the gaming experience even more convenient for your players. They’ll have more choices to making fun, after all.

Integration process is smooth enough that you don’t have to micromanage and get stressed.

Read more about ALT’s Product Integration here.

And talk to us to get your Product Integration started.

Flash versus HTML5

Flash or HTML5? What are the Pros and Cons?

As visuals and graphics evolve, our eyes get used to what the hottest visuals and images offer. As we get used to such resolutions, we start to demand better and better specs each time.

On YouTube, for example, once upon a time, we were happy with 360p on that left hand corner of the screen. Now, we have 1080p in HD and 2160p in 4k. It’s 2019, not 2005, and 360p just won’t cut it anymore—graphics of this caliber wouldn’t get you farther than 1st base.

As an iGaming operator, you wouldn’t wanna spoil all the fun by using outdated stuff.

The times are changing, and you better keep up if you don’t wanna drop dead.

One of the factors that you have to take into consideration is the never ending debate between Flash and HTML5. Which is the ultimate winner?

As an online casino, your games rely on many different types of visuals and graphics in order to make playing fun, engaging, thrilling, and exciting. Using either HTML5 or Flash is vital for your content and graphics to display successfully.

HTML5 is a markup language that allows web browsers (your very own Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) to interpret the graphics and content you wanna display. Flash, on the other hand, is a multimedia software platform used to display interactive web pages, online games and to play audio and video content. In the simplest of terms, HTML5 is a language that interprets, Flash is a platform that displays.

In terms of coming out to the market, Flash came out first, having been installed on desktop computers from the early 2000s, around the years the first Gen Zs were forming their first sentences. HTML5, on the other hand, was released in 2014, a year in which those Gen Zs are making a fuss about prom. In this respect, HTML5’s an offspring of new technology, having been the latest HTML version, while Flash belongs to older technology.

HTML5 is supported by all browsers from the get-go. It’s built-in. You may not understand it entirely, but it’s okay—you have it anyway in your browser. Flash, however, is, by default, separated from your browser. You have to take the extra step of installing the Flash plugin. In terms of convenience, HTML5 has the advantage and Flash gets the disadvantage.

Performance requirements also differ. HTML5 requires lower processing power, while Flash requires higher processing power. Operating on higher processing power works well with devices with high specs, but they will crash in devices with lower specs.

As for costs, HTML5, having been built-in, is freely available from the get-go. Flash, on the other hand, is paid. You get the whole package, though, which comes with support, license, all the stuff on the checklist they’re marketing you, etc.

As implied above, support is where Flash gets the advantage. Flash comes from Adobe, and they’ve got good audio and video support. HTML5’s support varies—kind of like a hit or miss. It lacks built-in support.

For tools, HTML5 has Construct 2 as its editor, while Flash has its own builder. HTML5’s is built-in and free while Flash is, as mentioned, paid.

HTML5 can help you with the hunger games of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s built-in, after all. Flash can’t help you with this, having been a separate plugin.

For the Display, HTML5 content looks differently on different web browsers and devices. Flash gets the advantage of having the same appearance across all devices.

Lastly, for added graphics, animation, and visual, HTML5 needs JavaScript or CSS3 in order to make animations happen. Flash thrives in animations and motion graphics as a primary feature.

Choices differ from one iGaming Operator to another, but there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: You cannot escape the significant step of choosing between these two, or choosing both, as you must put the enjoyment of your players as your top of mind. There’s no point in making an iGaming website if the display won’t abide by their wishes.

In case of any problems, have a support team that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, so that any problems that arise can be taken care of instantly.

We’re Shortlisted For 2020’s Global Gaming Awards London


So things for 2020 is heating up faster than we all could imagine, with ICE London looming around the corner and now Asia’s First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider has made it in the shortlist for the prestigious Global Gaming Awards 2020 in London under the category of Best Online Casino Supplier of the year. The actions kicks of on the 3rd of February 2020 at the one and only Hippodrome Casino in London.

We at Asia Live Tech are truly humbled but also excited for this shortlisting in one of the industries most prestigious awards. This is a recognition for the effort that we are putting forward in creating more innovative solutions within the iGaming industry as well as the gaps that we are trying to bridge.

The year of 2020 itself is regards as very symbolic and important for many cultures be it for development or personal beliefs. However we at Asia Live Tech are working towards making 2020 a very special year indeed with some special stuff that we have been working in 2019.

One of the things that we pride of ourselves since the day of our inception is that we truly stand by our tagline which is to “Own Your Own Brand; Be Your Own Boss”. You may ask why? what makes this so special about Asia Live Tech?. The answer is actually very simple, we allow you to be your own Boss or shall we shall we an iGaming Boss or we can better phrase as your own casino owner.

Now these 3 terms are the dreams of many people in the industry especially affiliates however the fact of the matter in regards to costs and risks always hinder the realization of this dream. On our side, we can’t mitigate the risks involved in running your own casino as all elements are based on luck and chance however we can ensure that you are able to setup your own online casino in a cost effective manner.

From Live Dealer, Slots, Keno, Asian Lotteries all the way to the most favorite game in the market which Sportsbetting, all of these are available on an Asia Live Tech platform which we setup. To take it up a notch, all our games and platform itself supports both fiat as well as any cryptocurrency. Now for the icing on the cake, we have the worlds first progressive baccarat jackpot running for all our live dealer baccarat tables which is fully borne for ALT hence its an awesome feature to give to your players plus our iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool adds more perks for you in the process as an operator.

That being said, we look forward to meeting you at the Hippodrome in London and to all the companies that have made it in the shortlist. Congratulations from all of us at Asia live Tech, as each one of you are winners in your own ways and all the best to all of us.

See you at the Global Gaming Awards in London 2020

We Are ICE ASIA 2020’s Diamond Sponsor

Asia Live Tech Is The Diamond Sponsor for ICE ASIA 2020

We are happy and proud to announce that Asia Live Tech has confirmed to be the Diamond Sponsor of the upcoming monumental ICE Asia 2020 set to take place in Manila, Philippines.

Asia Live Tech is the First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider in Asia which provides Cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat based White Label Online Casino Solutions & Product Integrations.

Going by our tagline “Own Your Own Brand; Be Your Own Boss”, we have been working with iGaming entrepreneurs including affiliates to create their own Cryptocurrencies or Fiat based Online Casino websites in a cost effective manner. These Online Casino sites are packed with Asia Live Tech’s own games and products such our Live Dealer Casino, Sportsbook, Slots, Keno & Asian Lotteries.

We strive to come up with more innovative ways to increase the value for both players and operators through our products and games of which some of the latest features are the Progressive Baccarat Jackpot, unique tie game side bets and of course the versatility of our flagship White Label Online casino solution which includes our games are able to support virtually any crypto or fiat currency

As the iGaming industry is going through major changes with even more new technologies and adoptions coming into play. This has made the industry even more exciting for players and providers alike as the race for the next breakthrough game or technology is always underway. Now with more countries opening up to iGaming by having legislation in place, this would indeed take the industry to the next level.

We at Asia Live Tech have always placed innovation and adoption of new technologies at the frontline of our efforts in creating new impactful solutions for the industry. A keen element that we are looking forward to is bridging the gap between the iGaming part of the industry and its counterpart which are traditional land based casinos.

ICE Asia which is in collaboration with Sigma would definitely bring this element together where both the land and iGaming worlds collide to create a new evolution in the industry. On its own, both industries are colossal in terms of growth possibilities. Solutions that may unify both the iGaming and land based casino industries on a wider scale would definitely take the Gaming industry to the next level.

This is one of the main reasons that Asia Live Tech which is an Asian Born iGaming Software Provider that has been spreading its wings globally had decided to partner for a show of this magnitude in potential bringing trusted brands ICE and SIGMA under one roof. We are truly proud to partner on this show with these 2 names loved by the industry as ICE ASIA lands for the first time on Asian Soil.

We’ll see you in 2020 at ICE ASIA in Manila, Philippines



Do you want to dip your toes in the online casino industry?

Want to make it your side hustle?

If yes, worry not!

Today we’ll share with you some of the dos and don’ts of launching your new online casino site. These will help you avoid the most common mistakes that online casino operators often make while starting a new online casino site.

With the online casino industry growing at a rapid pace, once you follow a few tips and avoid the most common mistakes, you can kick-start your online casino with a bang!

Without any delay, let us first look at the things that you need to accomplish in starting an online casino site.

Do’s of launching your new online casino site

These dos will help you avoid a lot of problems usually associated with this business.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the industry

Before starting an online casino site, it is always a good idea to know more about the industry. It stands true not just for the online casino industry but pretty much any industry out there. This research phase will help you find answers to a lot of questions like:

  • Who should be the target audience of your online casino site?
  • What should be your 1st-year goals while starting the online casino site?
  • Which sub-segment of the online casino industry should you get into?
  • How can you attract players to your online casino site?

With answers to these questions, you can minimize the trial and error to a great extent and kick-start your online casino.

  1. Abide by the regulations

Once you familiarize yourself with the industry, it is time to know more about the industry regulations.

The rules which you follow will be dependent on the country where you’ll operate your business. You have to go through the different rules of various countries to find out how it will impact your operation

Depending on the jurisdiction, you might have to refrain some players from registering on your site as well.

You need to learn every rule and regulation which you have to abide by. Why?

A single lapse can shut down your online casino site.

That is why it is essential to not only choose the country of jurisdiction carefully but also to abide by all the regulations.

  1. Choose the right online casino software

Whether you open an online casino site or e-commerce site, the customer experience will determine its success or failure. In-case of an online casino site, the customer experience depends on the online casino software platform which you use.

As a new online casino owner, it will also be one of the most significant expenses which you will incur. That is why you have to choose the online casino software platform provider carefully.

Some of the features that you should look out for in such a platform include:

  • Glitch-free experience
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Load handling capacity
  • Scalability

Once you evaluate the software platform on these few parameters, it will become comparatively easy for you to pick the right one.

  1. Choose games wisely

Ultimately, whether the players stick around with your online casino platform or migrate to another will be dependent on the number and type of games that you offer.

Before cherry-picking the games, it is essential to determine the game categories that you will provide. These can be plenty like:

You have to determine these game categories before you cherry-pick the online casino games you will include. You can even syndicate games from game developers. However, you can do so only when you’re sure about the type of games on offer.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the games for your online casino:

  • You should offer games across categories.
  • You should offer plenty of options to avoid player migration.
  • You should offer games that are easy to understand and play.
  • You should offer games that have a low minimum betting amount.

When you follow these tips, it becomes easy for you to choose the games wisely. It will help you establish your online casino as a highly versatile platform.

  1. Create a marketing plan

The most obvious step is to create a marketing plan.

Even when you set up your online casino site in the right way, in the absence of a marketing plan, it will not succeed.

The marketing plan should be detailed and should answer questions like:

  • What is the unique selling point (USP) of your online casino site?
  • What incentive do you provide the players to sign up on your online casino site?
  • How will you target the right demographics?
  • What will be the user acquisition cost that your online casino will have to incur?

If your marketing plan answers all of these questions, you can go ahead with executing it. It is essential to create a holistic marketing plan while setting up an

online casino site.

Now that you are familiar with the steps that you need to undertake, we will go into the details of the mistakes that you need to avoid strictly.

Don’ts of launching your new online casino site

Many new online casino owners are susceptible to making these mistakes. Hence, you have to be aware of them to avoid them at all costs.

  1. Not adding enough payment methods

Payment bottlenecks could cost you a lot in the online casino industry.

Not adding enough payment methods can be the Achilles heel of your online casino.

You have to choose your payment processor wisely and ensure that you offer multiple payment methods like:

  • Electronic wallets
  • Wire transfers
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • And so on

In the absence of a suitable payment method, the player will have no other option but to migrate to another online casino. It will mean that the amount of money spent on acquiring that player will go waste. That is why you have to ensure that you are getting more than enough payment methods to make it easy for the players to deposit their money.

  1. Not certifying your online casino from a third-party audit firm:

Did it ever cross your mind to approve your online casino by a 3rd party agency?

You might be thinking that it is not necessary.

However, it is a big mistake.

Trust is pretty fickle. If you do not come across as a trustworthy online casino in the eyes of the player, he/she will not sign up with your online casino. So, to gain this trust, you should go for a 3rd party audit and display the results clearly on your site.

These 3rd party audit agencies will check your sites to make sure that the games are legit. They also go through the number generation sequences to ensure that they are entirely random.

Thus, if your online casino is indeed legit, you need not worry.

Being ambiguous or opaque regarding the quality of games on your online casino site can prove to be costly. It is a mistake you should not make.

  1. Not offering fast support

Here’s a hard pill to swallow:

Merely offering multiple support channels will not gain you an advantage.

Many new online casinos have that on offer.

However, most of the online casino owners make the mistake of not monitoring the quality or the response times of the support channel.

You have to ensure that across all the support channels, the players get a fast response. Not only that, you have to ensure that you offer the usual support channels like:

  • Live chat
  • Email support
  • Tickets support
  • Phone support
  • Support through social media channels

All these channels should be adequately manned to ensure that the players get near-instantaneous support. If a support channel is not available 24/7, you have to mention that on your site. It will help the players choose the right support channel and get help quickly.

Active and instantaneous support can quickly help you stand out in the online casino industry. It is a factor that you need to focus on.

  1. Not offering bonuses or promotions

Bonuses and promotions can surely prove to be costly for new online casinos. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of not offering them. It is essential to lure the players into your online casino site. One of the cheapest ways is to provide these bonuses and promotions.

If you make the mistake of choosing not to offer bonuses or promotions, the growth of your online casino will be stunted. Your business might not even survive the initial couple of years. That’s why it is important to be generous with the bonuses as well as the promotions on offer.

  1. Not keeping up with the industry trends

The online casino industry is evolving at a rapid pace. It can adapt new technology to make the platforms better at a fast pace.

In such a case, ignoring the latest trends in the online casino industry can come back to haunt you. Rather than making this mistake, it is better to keep watch on the industry trends. You can achieve it in multiple ways which include:

  • Attending industry conferences
  • Checking out new offerings by your competition
  • Keeping a watch on the social media chatter
  • And so on

It will ensure that you do not make the mistake of missing out on any latest trend. If you can capitalize on any such industry trend in time, you can grow your online casino to the next level.

While starting a new online casino site, it is essential to go through and follow the dos and don’ts.

Once you abide by them, it will become easy for you to avoid the most common mistakes. At the same time, these dos and don’ts can also help you gain an edge over the competition.

In an industry with such cutthroat competition, every small advantage counts. Thus, it is essential to follow these tips and avoid mistakes at all costs.

Good luck!