How The US Sportsbetting & Online Casino Scene Is Developing

Once upon a time back in the year 2018, there was a recent permissiveness of gambling laws in the land of the United States of America.

One of the biggest gambling law adjustments was the revocation of the 2018 PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) law. PASPA once used to make all sports wagering illegal in the United States.

And then it was gone.

An industry-wide Gold Rush happened, and since then, anyone with a gambling license can offer sports betting in the US.

And many casinos took advantage of it.

For example, last year’s record of North America having the highest revenue growth in new casino gaming equipment can be connected to the revocation of PASPA. This also undoubtedly contributed to the growth spurt of the entire US casino industry throughout the year.

This law adjustment has brought out changes that make the already rapidly changing technological environment of the US gambling industry even faster than before.

The competition is intense, so vendors must alter and refine their unique value proposition to stand out and achieve a strong market presence.

Everyone’s trying to stay ahead of the game.

With the massive purchase of casino gaming equipment comes the growing number of Live Casinos.

We may now say that the purchase and use of new gaming equipment (which obviously leads to new and/or improved gaming experiences) are directly proportional to your online casino’s potential growth.

In addition, according to BusinessWire:

“Growing demand for mass-market gaming equipment, increasing demand for electronic gaming tables, growing adoption of AR and VR in gambling, and innovations in slot machine designs are the factors that are likely to contribute to the growth of North America Casino Gaming Equipment Market during the forecast period”

Another point to think about is this:

“Slot machines, gaming tables, VLTs, video poker machines, and gaming chips are the major sources of revenue for the North America market”

What can you make of this?

That you must incorporate what players in the US want most—diversified table games, VLTs, video poker machines, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), and slot machines with new, exciting designs.

These technologies are getting constant improvements to make playing experiences more engaging and attractive.

We’ve discussed Virtual Reality here which just goes to show that online casinos that take advantage of technologies of this type may just make it to the US online gambling scene—not just in the US, but in several parts of the world.

To better equip your iGaming website as you take on the US Market, ALT offers the following:

  • White Label Online Casino
  • Product Integration
  • Live Casino setup for Land-based Casinos
  • Set up Sports and Lottery Betting Center
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  • Lotteries and Keno
  • Back Office System

Las Vegas, being the capital of gambling in the United States, may get to be a little intimidating for those who are new to the industry. You can also opt to make it big in New York—as it is also one of the emerging gambling destinations in the US.

As you decide on whether you want to start your own online casino, just know that…

…existing vendors will continue developing their product portfolio with upgrades.

This casino industry, much like any other industry, will not be stagnant just because you still haven’t entered the scene yet.

The United States is not the only country that’s starting to change. As more states and countries around the world embrace legalized gambling as a sustainable way to ensure a profitable future, more gambling will follow.

Jump in before it gets too saturated.


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