Can I integrate multiple game providers on my online casino?

Multiple Game Providers, that is the demand of the players at online casinos these days. However can one online casino support multiple game providers? Is it a very complicated process?

Well the answer is pretty simple but lets take a very realistic path in understanding this question. 

Have you ever watched a makeup video on YouTube?

Have you noticed?

They’re not using makeup entirely from the same brand.

Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencils/powders/pomades, eyeshadow palette, highlight and contour palette, blush, eyeliner, lippies, makeup spray—there’s so much makeup, what are the odds that they’re all from the same brand?

Unless that Beauty YouTuber is an avid fan, or making a sponsored video (where she or he is required, by contract, to use only the sponsor’s brand for the whole video), or someone who actually owns the makeup brand they’re using, chances are, they’re using different brands for different types of makeup.

Heck, even their makeup sponges or beauty blenders, and even their makeup brushes are different.

This stock photo is a fine example of someone’s makeup kit that uses many different brands.

Why is it this way?


Because the specific makeup that works best for someone’s face is available somewhere else.

For example, if your favorite makeup store only offers foundation in the medium brown tone as their darkest tone, when your actual skin color is darker than that…would you buy it?

Of course not! (Unless you’re buying for someone else who fits the color.)

So you look at another makeup brand, and then choose from there.

When it comes to makeup, we can only afford to look our best, so we only use the ones that work best for us, regardless of the brand.

This also goes to show with iGaming products. For example, Both Brand A and Brand B are offering Slot Games and Live Dealer Casino. But you think your players would enjoy Brand A’s Slot Games better than Brand B’s. And then you also think Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino is better than Brand A’s.

So naturally, if you had it your way, you would take Brand A’s Slot Games and Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino.

This type of approach is very reasonable. After all, you’re keeping in close consideration what your players want.

game providers

But the question is:

Can you integrate multiple game providers on your online casino?

Is it possible to have it your way?

The good news is………YES!

It’s actually getting pretty common. Players nowadays are more interested and attracted to online casinos that have large and diverse gaming portfolios.


Because they can just jump from one game to another without having to visit another online casino.

That’s why there’s a bigger appeal toward online casinos powered by multiple game providers.

There is the initial challenge, though, of functioning. Gaming products that come from different game providers are created and developed differently, after all.

The good news is that there’s a way to make everything work.

We got API, short for Application Programming Interface, which works behind the scenes of our online casinos, making everything work harmoniously, regardless of having multiple games from multiple game providers.

So, going back to the example above, you can take Brand A’s Slot Games and Brand B’s Live Dealer Casino to your online casino, thanks to API.

Why integrate?

If your online casino lacks games, after all, then there’s the risk of having your players eventually lose interest on your games and jump to another online casino.

And that online casino that they replaced you for, has most likely integrated products in order to make their gaming portfolio more fun and interesting.

Our very own Asia Live Tech can help you out with enhancing your online casino’s gaming portfolio by integrating multiple products and features, all for the sake of making the gaming experience even more convenient for your players. They’ll have more choices to making fun, after all.

Integration process is smooth enough that you don’t have to micromanage and get stressed.

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