Asia Live Tech Has Been Double Shortlisted at GGA Las Vegas 2019

This year is extra special as Asia Live Tech has been Double Shortlisted for the Global Gaming Awards At Las Vegas.

It’s that time of the year again, when the prestigious Global Gaming Awards at Las Vegas makes an appearance. This year is an extra special year for Asia Live Tech as we have been shortlisted in 2 different categories at the awards.

Popularly known as the First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider in Asia, Asia Live Tech has been shortlisted in the categories of Product Innovation of The Year and Digital Industry Supplier of The Year.

The Global Gaming Awards Ceremony will be taking place on the Monday of October 14, at the one and only Sands Expo, Las Vegas.

Asia Live Tech began trailblazing the Asian iGaming scene back in 2011 and has never stopped in its journey in its journey of making traditional games on the online segment constantly fun. One of Asia Live Tech’s most notable accolades from over the years was its strong focus on Asian and key European favorite table games. Hence you would see that Asia Live Tech’s Live Dealer Platform has some of the most notable Asian and European tables that have been enhanced with features that evolve over time to bring more excitement and fun to those traditional platforms.

This is very clear in the latest release of  new side bets on our live dealer tables which in reality increase the fun factor for players without losing the true essence of those favorite table games. In addition to this, the most notable release was Asia Live Tech’s “Progressive Baccarat Jackpot. Now this was an iGaming industry game changer as it brought an element to traditional online baccarat tables a missing zing that players have been waiting for. To top it all off, Asia Live Tech made this progressive baccarat jackpot fully borne by Asia Live Tech hence the operators of Asia Live Tech iGaming Platforms had more to offer and at the same time, the players had more chances to win more at ALT Live Dealer table.

This is where Asia Live Tech’s key focus comes to light as we strive in making a fun and exciting gaming environment for both our players as well as our operators.

Asia Live Tech, which many of you also know as the First Cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider in Asia was one of the very few company in the world to diversify both its games and platform to support cryptocurrencies as we cannot shy away from the fact that digital currencies are the future of tomorrow. This was another one of Asia Live Tech most notable accolades when we first released our White Label Cryptocurrencies iGaming Platform Solution as the sky is only the limit in terms of its potential. That being said, the platform is so versatile that it can support both Altcoins as well as tokens.

When you pair all the above up together with various other offerings from Asia Live Tech such our Sportsbook, Lotteries and other games. You have indeed a powerful platform that can support your iGaming venture. This is why Asia Live Tech calls out to affiliates across the world whom would like to dabble to setting their own iGaming website thus starting a whole new journey where they are in power of their own future. They market their own brand to earn bigger as they are their own Boss. This is Asia Live Tech message to all affiliates out there, It’s time to “Own Your Own Brand, Be Your Own Boss”.

That being said, everything above just resonates very well on why Asia Live Tech has the privilege of being one of the very few Asian iGaming companies in the world to have reached this accolade. Our innovations over the years and product developments which can be seen on any iGaming platform running on Asia Live Tech software is only a highlight of what more we have planned. Asia Live Tech has planned for more new features and product introductions in the near future.

Coming back to the Global Gaming Awards at Las Vegas, we are truly humbled and appreciative on the recognition for our advancements through the shortlist as the fact of being one of the very few Asian iGaming companies to have been shortlisted for 2 different categories at the Global Gaming Awards at Las Vegas is already an achievement.

That being said, all the companies that have been shortlisted in this prestigious awards are already winners in their own ways. We wish you all the best and see you at the Las Vegas Global Gaming Awards.

Asia Live Tech joins iGB Live! Amsterdam 2019 for the first time

Cambodia-based iGaming software provider Asia Live Tech will be the new addition to the growing number of exhibitors of the annual iGB Live!.

This coming July 16th to 19th, RAI Amsterdam will be packed with networking sessions and conference events bringing together the iGaming industry’s most proactive minds, teams, and communities. Whether you are an experienced software supplier, a new affiliate, an iGaming operator, or an enthusiast – there’s surely something for you at iGB Live.

Called ALT for short, Asia Live Tech is most notably known for the trailblazing breakthrough of being the first cryptocurrencies iGaming software provider in Asia. Having launched back in 2011, ALT has also created the first ever Progressive Live Baccarat Jackpot that many iGaming players enjoy today.
2019 marks another turning point for the team, as plans of new products and updates will be made public throughout the year.

iGaming Business is a business-to-business (B2B) magazine primarily focused on the online gambling industry which was launched in 2003. Throughout the years, iGB has also launched two sister magazines – the region-specific iGaming Business North America and the nichespecific iGB Affiliate.

iGB Live! is one of the events hosted by iGB in order to enable building relationships between online gambling industry leaders and enthusiasts around the world, discover untapped potentials, and meet each other’s online gambling business needs.

That being said, come over to booth Q21 at IGB Live 2019, Amsterdam. This would be an awesome opportunity to meet with Asia Live Tech in person to explore the next steps for your iGaming venture.

iGaming Evolution : Then, Now & Forever

iGaming is one of the fastest growing digital industry in the world. It involves wagering of money or other value on the result of a game or event through the internet. Activities involved in this context include online casinos, poker, sports betting among others.

How the industry has evolved and become more diversified?

iGaming started to gain popularity in the early 90’s. Back then, most people didn’t have trust in the industry and was perceived as a fraudulent scheme. Blackjack, roulette, craps, and video poker were the main games. In 1998 and 1999, online poker rooms and multiplayer were introduced respectively. The industry has since evolved and expanded in many ways including the introduction of live streaming, mobile gaming, and gamification.

Regulations have also been introduced and iGaming companies have put up measures to ensure privacy and security of customer’s information are guaranteed. This has encouraged many players to join the industry. The biggest challenge companies in this industry face are to give their customers an environment that replicates physical casinos while delivering something special with added value.

What are the existing unique markets in the iGaming Industry?

iGaming hubs are spread around the world with the most popular centered in Malta, Gibraltar, and UK because of low taxes. Asia is rising to be the largest iGaming market in the world. The rapid growth of technology and making up more than 60 per cent of the world’s population are the factors fueling Asia to rise in the iGaming market.

What is the potential growth?

The iGaming industry is continuously being changed by new regulations, jurisdictions, and technology. All these factors are shaking up how users gamble online, but their main motive is to take the sector into higher and regulated heights. With the advent of technology and internet accessibility, many people around the world have an easy way to access iGaming. There are also enhanced features in gaming offerings like live games which have attracted more players.

The industry is expected to continue changing, become a newer and better version than it is today. Mobile gambling will remain to be the most important growth area for iGaming in the years to come. The current generation of gamblers wants a proposition that will allow them to access their favorite casinos wherever they are.

How will this industry grow further?

Technology and innovation are taking businesses into new horizons and iGaming is not an exception. The industry will continue to exploit the ever-evolving technology in a bid to make the gambling experience more attractive to customers around the world.

This industry is on the verge of growing to feats that none have foreseen. From a business perspective, its an important element to get into the action early so that when it matures you would be able to reap the rewards. So that being said, it is most definitely the right time for affiliates, marketers and budding entrepreneurs to get into this evolving industry of iGaming.

The Marriage of Virtual Reality & iGaming

The Virtual Reality trend is bringing change to all industries. It’s giving businesses a chance to connect to consumers by tapping into their psyches in exciting new ways. But none are as well-placed as the companies in the casino and gambling sector to capitalize on this trend. With VR, online casinos will be able to create an experience for their users that is immersive, engaging, and more exciting than ever.

In truth, virtual reality could very well be the catalyst for much-needed change in the gambling industry. Players can now enjoy virtual reality baccarat, roulette, and various other games from the comfort of their home (or car, or bus ride home). The VR versions of these classic games open up a whole new exciting arena for players all over the world.

Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize the Casino Industry in Various Ways:

  1. Enhancing Player Experience – Being able to access the best VR casinos from anywhere in the world is something that the majority of players will truly appreciate. All you need to do is slip your goggles on and you’re instantly transported to the heart of an action-filled casino. This increased player engagement is something that casinos will also benefit a lot from – particularly with regards to the younger crowd.
  2. Streamlining Daily Operations – For the vast majority of corporations, VR is set to help make their day-to-day running a lot smoother, helping them become more effective and efficient. For instance, recruiting and training staff will be a lot easier. Imagine a casino operator being able to develop a croupier training app which places the dealer at the baccarat or roulette gaming table when viewed through the goggles. Everything in front of them, from the chips and the table to the players and even the jazzy music and other casino sounds – all of it is real! The online casinos will be able to remotely train croupiers to the highest industry standards using the program which teaches them everything to do with the game. The dealers will be able to learn faster from the simulated games which might include scenarios that don’t happen frequently enough in the real world to be beneficial for training.     The Bottom Line

There are obviously a lot of other virtual reality iGaming opportunities, such as sports betting and lottery that could be really huge hitters for VR. Indeed, this could be a particularly interesting opportunity for some of the second-life simulation games like Grand Theft Auto or the Sims. So why not merge the second-life experience together with a few aspects of real life?

It certainly looks like a lot of the online casinos are willing to embrace this technology. And for users, what could be more thrilling than having your avatar walk into an online casino, place a bet on virtual roulette, and earn real money? The opportunities for combining VR with real life in the iGaming world are endless. The key is simply lateral thinking. Thanks to virtual reality, iGaming is on the cusp of a captivating new era.

Ripple Taking iGaming By Storm

Ripple has been the dark horse in the iGaming scene but its truly taking the industry by Storm.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular in the iGaming industry. This is mainly attributed to their top-notch confidentiality and anonymity simply by providing a reliable code for each online transaction.

Well, there are some digital coins that run on a Blockchain technology, and which are growing really fast and competing favorably with Bitcoin. Ripple (XRP) is one of the cryptocurrencies that’s becoming a firm favorite for online casinos and fans across the world. It operates quite differently from the other popular digital currencies, essentially challenging the way the banking systems work.

How is Ripple being used?

Ripple connects banks and payment providers, allowing them to seamlessly send and receive money across the globe. Besides being a secure and transparent payment settlement and money transfer system, Ripple is also geared towards the exchange of different currencies, including Bitcoin.

More online casinos are taking advantage of this innovative technology, because of the fact that its protocol is immediate and distributed. Allowing direct asset transfers basically eliminates the middlemen and cuts out all the cost incurred when sending cash electronically. Users get to enjoy transaction costs as low as 0.00001 XRP (10 drops).

While details of an XRP transaction are public, the system guarantees absolute protection and anonymity of any player since payment data is not open for viewing.

How popular is Ripple?

This enterprise Blockchain solution was created way back in 2012 by a team of world-class engineers and technical expert developers. And over the years of operation, the Ripple settlement system still continues tomaintain a solid reputation with a track record of stable technology and governance. Since Ripple was

launched, all of its ledgers closed without running into an issue. It’s for that reason that today Ripple is being used by a lot of reputable banks and payment providers, such as American Express, Standard Chartered, Santander, MUFG Bank, SEB, and UniCredit.

Why is Ripple unique for iGaming?

Besides providing very low transaction costs, Ripple makes it possible to deposit and withdraw money from an XRP online casino in as little as four seconds. This is incredibly super-fast even when compared to Ethereum, which boasts settling payment on an average of two minutes. Bitcoin, on the other hand, takes an average of one hour.

Ripple can handle 1,500 transactions per second and has the potential to scale up 50, 000 transactions in just a second. This digital currency completely outsmarts the Ethereum’s 15 transaction and Bitcoins 3-6 transactions per seconds.

Contrary to the existing settlement systems, Ripple makes it a lot easier to exchange your local currency for any other suitable currency. Another great thing about Ripple is that, players can use it to deposit at an iGaming site even when their local money is not having adequate currency pairs. Also, it is still possible for users to send money online even if they’re unbanked.

Ripple continues to grow in usages from within the iGaming industry. Contrary to that, Asia Live Tech is one of the first iGaming Software Providers that can setup your very own iGaming website or better known as online casino site powered by Ripple.