What makes players trust your brand?

Operating your iGaming site, what makes players trust your brand?

Business is all about seizing new opportunities to enhance your share in the business industry.

This applies to everybody. But the thing is, we assume it’s always something bright and sunny and positive. Like new opportunities that are about to come to us.

But, you know, whether opportunities are good or bad—it actually depends on the situation and the one who receives the opportunity.

The same situation applies in the iGaming industry when you decide to launch a new iGaming website. Hence how will operating your new online casino be inline with gaining the trust of your players?

Imagine this:

You’re a player looking for a new iGaming website to play on.

And then you bumped into this really cool-looking, well-designed website: The games look very enticing, the dealers look hot, the bonuses sound too good to be true, etc.

You’re so taken by the iGaming website that you didn’t get to do the very simple thing of checking its license, credibility, or trustworthiness. You just dived into depositing your money and going on to play.

And then you can’t withdraw your winnings. And then you realize you’re a victim of a fake online casino.

Okay, that escalated quickly, but what I want to say is that this time of the year is also especially ripe for the villains of the iGaming industry. Since they’re villains, their version of New Year, New Opportunities pertain to “New Year, New Victims to Victimize”.

So, as an operator, especially as a new one, how do you exactly earn the trust of your players?

Warning: This article is for good operators ONLY. If you’re a villain, then don’t waste your time with this article.

  1. Check how existing players think about your iGaming website. Reviews and comments of players are what your prospective players are going to read and take note of before depositing to your website. If the majority of the comments are good, then you don’t have to worry so much about your brand’s reputation. But don’t ignore the bad comments—especially if they accuse you of being fake and scammy. Take necessary measures to save your reputation, since you’re a good iGaming Operator. There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself when you’re legit.
  2. Be clear about your iGaming website’s Terms and Conditions. Match every piece of statement in there with the way your iGaming website works.
  3. Be transparent about your iGaming website’s Payment Methods. You don’t have to be too detailed, you just have to put out there which payment channels you use, what currencies you accept for transactions, etc.
  4. Display your iGaming License. How much did you pay for that? That’s your Ultimate Security Pledge—and I capitalized each first letter for you to see how important this is for proving your legitimacy as an iGaming website. That’s the one thing that will make everyone shut up about the legitimacy of your iGaming website. Put it on your website and make it visible, like how our gorgeous ladies put on their diamond necklaces—let everyone see!
  5. Open your contact channels and be responsive. Your players will ask you questions. They will make comments, feedback, and suggestions. Lack of response will make them anxious and doubt your trustworthiness. I mean, just remember the last time someone ghosted you. Did you feel safe with them? I bet not. Then your players won’t feel secure with your iGaming website as well, if you’re not responsive and reachable enough.
  6. Only get your games provided by legitimate, reputable iGaming software providers. Getting pirated games will only bring trouble. Go for the software providers that have a reputable position in the industry, providing exciting games that will actually engage your players. If you consider our ALT team, then we’d love to let you check out our games.
  7. Only integrate reliable payment channels. If the payment channels are recognizable by the iGaming industry and the public, then it’s most likely legit. Do your due diligence in researching who to work with, and always think about the convenience and security of your players.


Following this guide will get your players to trust you. And word will get around about how trustworthy your iGaming website is. And then players will come to your website to play. And then more—as long as, of course, you got the best games on top of being reliable.