Why Live Sic Bo Table Games Are In Demand All Around the World?


When you look into casinos, there are often lots of games to play. There are lots of live table games to try, and one of the most versatile of them is the live Sic Bo. This game is quite popular among many players due to several reasons.

This table game is one of the few games that has a rich history before it went digital. It is quite popular around the world because it is simple and easy to master. This game allows you to have fun without even going online.

History of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient gambling game that originated from China; hence, it is considered a Chinese game. Early in the history of this table, it has several names across Asia. These names include Dia Siu, Tai Sai, and Hi-Lo. In other less prominent Asia countries, it is known as Dia Siu.

As much as Sic Bo is popular in Asia, it took a little time to travel out of the continent to the United States and Europe. This table game was introduced to the United States in the early 20th century after the Chinese rapid immigration.

In the Asian tradition, Sic Bo is played by shaking two dice, hence its name. Sic Bo originally meant two bricks, which then became dice pairs.

Sic Bo is played in the ancient Chinese tradition by shaking the dice on a small porcelain plate. The plate is covered with a bowl that is usually removed after the roll to show the result.

However, there are slight changes to the game in modern times. An extra dice is now included in the dice used for the game to make it three. In casinos, the three dice are shaken mechanically in a cup or basket. The result is left to the computer, which then illuminates the winning area of the table.

Each player of this game bets on the probable combination that will show up on the three dice. The winner is declared as the player with the appropriate prediction. Also, multiple bets are allowed for each player.

What Is Live Sic Bo?

Live Sic Bo is now a common game in many US casinos. It is usually found in casino locations designated for Chinese games. It has provided an alternative turn to the regular Sic Bo that played where the game originated from.

Live Sic Bo is in increasing demand and can be played from anywhere around the world. What happens in live Sic Bo is that you are actually playing with a real dealer in an existing casino. Hence, the game is neither fully automated nor fully physical.

In summary, live Sic Bo is like bringing an actual casino to you rather than going there. However, you are not playing with an automated system. You are playing with an actual dealer in the casino.

Why Live Sic Bo Table Games Are In Demand All Around The World

Since Sic Bo is not the only game that originates in Asia, many people wonder why this particular game is in demand all around the world. The popularity and general demand for this game are due to several reasons.

Below are some reasons why live Sic Bo games are in demand around the globe

1 – It is Easy to Play

One of the reasons why live Bo gamers are in demand worldwide is that it is quite easy to play. This game does not require any special training or skill before mastering it. Likewise, anyone can be a winner in the game, and it is not easy to manipulate.

2 – It is fun to play

Live Sic Bo is fun to play, and it creates a friendly atmosphere. Some players are especially fascinated with the way the table lights up during the game. Some players also love to see that they can have fun with actual people from the comfort of their rooms.

3 – Attractive Odds

Another reason for the popular demand for live Sic Bo is its attractive odds, and potential for big payouts compared to other table games. Likewise, the game is open-ended because any player can win the game, and multiple entries are allowed.

4 – It does not eliminate the social interaction of physical games

Unlike most other online games where you only get to play against an automated opponent, live Sic Bo will only let you play with an actual dealer and a human opponent. Consequently, you will enjoy all the benefits of social interaction despite playing online.


Live Sic Bo is one of many games that originate from Asia. This table game is not only popular in Asia; it is now making waves in Europe, and the United States.  Sic Bo is popular because it is one of the table games that are relatively easy to play, fun, and offer good human interaction. It also has attractive odds and high potential payouts.

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