What is White Label Solution in the iGaming Industry?

White Label Solution is something that not everyone understands. It is to be expected, as this is a product quite specific to the iGaming industry. Allowing entrepreneurs, business leaders and affiliates wishing to go forward to get the iGaming website of their dreams, it is a full package of services where the customers barely have to give the guidelines to the White Label Solutions providers. Those providers, made of iGaming expert teams, can fully take care of the creation process, from the first to the last steps. They are as follow:

Step 1: The Logo

Quite simple, right? Any business needs a logo and said logo can be handled by the White Label Solutions provider. With in-house graphic designers trained with the best software in the market for these endeavors (InDesign, Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, etc), it is a matter of 1 or 2 days for your logo to be done, according to your recommendations. Unlimited revisions are part of the deal until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Any provider worth its salt won’t settle for less.

Step 2: The Design of the Website

We are getting to the heart of the matter here. Before you implement the games, there are two things to take care of, and Web Design is one of them. It boils down to one simple question: How do you want your website to look like? Sleek and classy? Fun and bombastic? Colorful and vibrant? Sexy and rosy? It’s up to you to choose, with no limitation at all. That’s what the Web Designers of the White Label Solution providers are for. Trained and experienced as the Graphic and Web Designers, they will take care of every of your needs. Today’s technology allows for pretty much everything, so don’t get afraid to go wild! That’s what will allow you to set yourself apart from the competition

Step 3: Domain Name

This part is the most fun. You have to decide which domain name you need for ensuring the future of your business. A “.com” domain name barely cost $10 per year and can be renewed indefinitely. But you are not limited to that. You can select the domain of your country, of anything that could help your Search Engine Optimization. “.games” is a new domain name that we definitely recommend for all upcoming websites. You will definitely be easily found on Google. And if you don’t know to proceed, no worries, as once again, the White Label Provider can do for you, in cooperation with their web host! Just give them a list of your recommendations and they will proceed accordingly.

Step 4: Website Hosting

This part is not as complicated as you could believe. The White Label Solution provider usually provides the web hosting. They will handle your DDOS protection against hacking. Something definitely important to preserve and safeguard the money of your valued customers. iGaming is an industry like that, where customer service is the most refined.

Step 5: Game Integration and Implementation

What would be an iGaming website without games? Pretty much nothing, wouldn’t it? Which means at this point, you normally have to look for dozens of game developers all over the world to ensure game diversity and customer fulfillment. Quite the task but fret not! Once more, White Label Solution providers are here to the rescue. Knowing fully well that a website is nothing without games, they will have an extensive catalog at your disposal for you to choose the games. Pinpoint what you want, and it will appear right away. Do you need an example? Check  Coin178 and see for yourself. Multiple brands, multiple possibilities, and multiple happy customers.

Step 6: Back-End Training

We are reaching the long-awaited moment where the iGaming website of your dreams will go online. Something definitely exciting but that needs to be prepared. To ensure smooth sailing for your new business, the White Label Solutions provider will provide a training manual and instructor to you and/or your team so you can operate the website and the back office quickly and efficiently. For more information on the back office, we recommend this page that will tell you everything you need to know on the matter. Once the training is done, you can get launch your website!

Step 7: Support

All right, the website is on thanks to the White Label Solution. But the work of the provider is not yet finished. Last but not least, there is the technical support. Any iGaming entrepreneur does not want any problem for their gambling website. Customers trust you with their money and want entertainment, fun. The last thing they need is trouble to withdraw, deposit or play as they want when they want. A casino should even more trustful than a bank, therefore, White Label Solution providers can be contacted 24/7 for any problem that may arise or any question you want to be answered. Two heads are better than one, and their experience will ensure everyone’s fun time is smooth and that your profits are guaranteed.

We hope that this article answered to all questions you had before about White Label Solutions and on starting an iGaming website. For more details, we are available by email at [email protected]. We will be delighted to help you.

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