How do you expand your online casino’s brand authority in the market?

Your Brand Authority Reflects If You Are A Trusted & Respected iGaming Website

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Now, we’re going to talk about how the iGaming community and gambling enthusiasts can see how reliable your iGaming brand is to the point that they’ll recommend your brand to other gambling enthusiasts.

Which will expand your iGaming brand’s authority in the market?

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Having social media business pages not only helps you in your marketing in order to attract players (and possible agents) to play on your iGaming website, but also helps people know where and how they can contact you.

If you haven’t already, make social media business pages of your iGaming brand on the top social media platforms of the iGaming world:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Youtube

But don’t just make a social media business page. Populate your page with all the details that prospective players will need so that there’s a higher chance that they’ll be persuaded to consider playing on your iGaming website.

Once they follow you, the more they see you on their news feeds, the more they know you’re approachable. They can interact and engage on your social media business page and like, react, comment, or leave a message.


So you’ve got social media business pages and you’re posting. Are you answering your messages and comments?

Remember to constantly answer questions and messages on your social media channels.

When people know that your iGaming brand is approachable and responsive, it tells them that they can rely on you when they need something when they finally sign themselves up to your iGaming website.

If you don’t know how to answer them yet, you can at least acknowledge their message and tell them that you will get back to them soon. And get back to them as soon as you’ve found the best way to answer them, of course.

Having a Customer Support team is a good investment, especially when your iGaming brand’s player base is expanding. You can put half of them in the day shift and the other half in the night shift, so you can make sure that somebody answers your players, prospective players, and page visitors no matter what time it is.


Create and post content and people will know that you’re knowledgeable about the subject of iGaming and the iGaming industry itself. They will also learn that you’re serious about your iGaming business.

Producing content can mean in the form of articles on your website, making a podcast, and making a Youtube channel, to name a few.

But producing content alone is not enough. You must use clear, easy to catch, a sincere language so that it’s not too hard for them to get you. You must talk about complex stuff in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Besides being able to understand you, people will generally trust your brand better when your brand is giving a transparent, unbiased perspective. Make content following a sincere purpose: to inform and educate everyone about the awesomeness of iGaming.


Take a good, long, look at your current iGaming website……from the perspective of your player. Log in to your dummy player page and closely notice your actions:

  • Is the login area hard to find?
  • Do the games tell you what exactly they are before you click them?
  • Do you see the live chat support where you expect to see them?
  • Is it easy to find your iGaming website’s contact details?

Make your design easy to understand and follow. Design is more than just being attractive or not. All websites look different, the way snowflakes are never the same. But there are website elements that are practically the same for everybody, and your iGaming website visitors will definitely expect to find them where they are expected to be placed.

We’ve talked about this at length in How does my online casino design affect player trust?

Don’t make things hard for them for the sake of being unique.

Surely these tips tell you to work harder, especially if you haven’t worked hard or seriously enough to make your iGaming brand thrive. Now, don’t think these tips are a waste of time or money—aren’t you glad that you’ve got players? Try your best to keep and multiply them.

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