The Future of Casinos Is Now in Cambodia

Cambodia has been appearing more and more on the casino map since several months, and that’s to be expected. Boosting a liberal economy where investors and ideas are welcome, it was only a matter of time before casino operators started to flock to the Kingdom of Wonder. Moreover, gambling has been a long tradition in Cambodia, from card rooms to lotteries and sportsbook such as boxing matches, meaning the market is already ripe and created for residents and non-residents alike. But what is the current situation?

The Numbers

• 79 casino licenses issued in 2017
• Less than 10% in the mainland (Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville), more than 90% at the borders (Poipet, Pailin, O Smach, Koh Kong, Kep, Bavet, Prey Vor)
• USD 8 Billion in income for the casino operators in 2015, but only 100 Million in taxes collected by the government

The Possibilities

That is where things get interesting. Cambodia gaming licenses cover both offline and online activities, meaning that people getting the authorization to open a casino in Cambodia can operate as many websites as they want, as long as they are declared and respecting some guidelines. And not only online casinos are fair game, but this online gaming license can be extended to other people wishing to use the casino license for their own platforms. Operators using this license will then work under their umbrella, using their facilities and experience. It opens Cambodia to the whole world, allowing everyone to get started in iGaming, even those who are facing legal issues in their country.

The Location

Cambodia is at an Asian crossroad. Located between economic juggernauts such as China and India, and neighboring thriving economies such as Vietnam and Thailand, with Japan, Korea, and Australia being only a few hours away, Cambodia is rising as the country to be in the region for all avid gamblers and high rollers. Should they be bored with Macau and looking for a good time in a different, wilder environment where everything is possible and money is welcome, Cambodia is waiting for them, offline and online.

Time will tell if the future is looking even better than the present, but it is headed that way. The current government shows no sign of slowing down on licenses authorizations, or on cracking down on gaming businesses. Casinos are bringing needed and welcome investments to a Kingdom who faced a civil war barely 20 years ago, boosting tourism and entertainment. The more, the merrier.

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